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The Fine Print

Other Things You Should Know: (The Fine Print)


      A $50.00 non-refundable deposit is required within five days of booking.

      Payment is required in full upon arrival. Sorry no personal cheques.

      No food or drink is to be bought into the Playland (except babies bottles).

      Please let us know if you have special dietary requirements.

      Only pre-booked birthday parties are allowed to bring in birthday cakes.

      Party food is served thirty minutes after your booked party arrival time.

      Food is prepared and charged for on the basis of the numbers attending, taken from your confirmation sheet. Confirmed at least forty-eight hours prior to your party.

      No responsibility is taken for lost or stolen property.

      All children and adults who wish to use the equipment MUST wear socks (no exceptions).

      Party adults must provide adequate supervision.

      No loot bags or balloons may be bought into the Playland.

      Please assist us by vacating your party room at the allocated time to allow for cleaning and set-up of the next party.

      Once you have vacated your party room, you are welcome to stay and play in the Playland.





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